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"Nothing could have ever prepared us to see our slice of heaven look more like hell."

One year ago we were unsure. We were distant. We were helpless. We were in the dark.

One year ago we were watching Hurricane Harvey tear through its projected path unsure of what was going to happen. We were unsure of whether or not things would be okay and definitely unsure of what the aftermath would be.

One year ago we were far away from Liney’s hometown, her slice of heaven, the special place that holds so many memories of her childhood, and now those memories include her husband, their girls, and countless friends. We were distant— feeling as though we were holding some sort of twisted snow globe and could do nothing but watch and hope for the best.

One year ago we were helpless. We couldn’t do what we wanted to do— we couldn’t hop in the car and drive down to that special place to protect the slice of heaven against a force of nature. We couldn’t make it go away and definitely couldn’t change what was to follow.

One year ago we were in the dark. We didn’t know what Hurricane Harvey left behind. We couldn’t go see the aftermath for ourselves until roads were deemed safe. We had no idea what that special place looked like. We could only guess— we were in the dark. Nothing could have ever prepared us to see our slice of heaven look more like hell.

Yet, one year ago we were sure. We were sure we had to do something. We were positive we had to help. We were sure we could, and would, help.

One year ago we were close. Our doors and arms opened to those with nowhere else to go. We became close to people, complete strangers, who had gone through more than anyone ever deserves.

One year ago we were helpful. Even though we couldn’t fix everything, we helped. Shelter, laughter, fellowship— we helped. But we were not alone.

One year ago we saw the light. We saw the light in the form of a community coming together and caring for strangers. We saw Dripping Springs, a town 4 hours away from our slice of heaven, be the light and provide meals, gift cards, prayers, help, and love for complete strangers.

One year ago we saw Rockport, Texas get completely knocked down.

One year ago— and all of the days between, we have seen #rockportstrong. We have seen Rockport get back up stronger than ever.

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