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Wedding Venues in Dripping Springs

Years before Dripping Springs, Texas was named the “Wedding Capital of Texas”, the owners of The Liney Moon, Stephen and Caroline Bradford, got married at an intimate wedding venue in Dripping Springs called Creekside in early 2009. Creekside is one of the smaller wedding venues in the Dripping Springs area, and it is located across the street from the oh-so-famous Salt Lick BBQ. In 2009, The Bradford’s had no idea that Dripping Springs was even considered a destination wedding location, let alone, would later be given the “Wedding Capital of Texas” title. They ironically ended up living in Dripping Springs in 2008 due to proximity of family living in Wimberley, Texas, as well as Austin, Texas, and also due to the fact that Dripping Springs ISD is where Caroline received her first job straight out of college, where she taught Health and coached multiple sports.

Ten years later, Caroline and Stephen are still in Dripping Springs and love and adore the town more than ever. Moving to Dripping Springs before HEB or Whataburger was even a thought, they have seen with their own eyes the town of Dripping Springs grow immensely. Not only the growth of people moving to the area or the thousands of new homes being built, but in regards to this specific topic, the growth in wedding venues in Dripping Springs and the amount of people who come from all over the world to host special celebrations and most often to get married in Dripping Springs, Texas. It was and still is truly astonishing. There are wedding venues in Dripping Springs for every single type of bride. However, The Bradford’s have found that the rarity of venues with lodging in Dripping Springs is most often a deal breaker for the bride and groom and their families that are traveling for the event from all over the world. Yes, the world. This is where The Liney Moon comes in. Caroline and Stephen built The Liney Moon with strictly providing lodging in Dripping Springs in mind, however, it has evolved over the last couple of years into being so much more than a hotel in Dripping Springs, Texas. Not only with hosting corporate retreats and numerous monumental life events on the property, The Liney Moon is now one of the few wedding venues in Dripping Springs with lodging on-site. The Liney Moon can sleep up to 70 people with their 13 cabins and large main house. All of which have pretty awesome nicknames named after local businesses. They also have a swimming pool, fire pits, outdoor grilling area, and basically a pretty killer atmosphere to say the least.

Another bonus is that The Liney Moon is super close to so many Dripping Springs wineries like Bell Springs Winery, breweries like Twisted X Brewing, and distilleries like Treaty Oak Distillery and Deep Eddy Vodka. Pretty awesome options to have fun before the wedding festivities commence. The Liney Moon has numerous wedding packages to choose from or you can also build your own package. The Liney Moon is not your typical wedding venue, it is truly a one-of-a-kind property.

Getting married in Dripping Springs, Texas, there are many venues to choose from. The Liney Moon is close to many other venues, here are some just to name a few: Camp Lucy, Ma Maison, Stone House Ranch, Vista West Ranch, Creek Haus, and the list goes on and on! Then, once you choose your venue, the rest of the planning begins. Businesses like Premier Events and Whim Hospitality are the go-to local companies for most of your rentals needs in Dripping Springs. There are also other companies like Bee Lavish and TX Loo that offer even more event necessities. Once you have all of the rentals confirmed, everyone searches for that perfect photographer that will capture every single special moment of your special day. Photographers like Peary Photography, Al Gawlik, Sarah Goss, and Bradford Martens are some insanely talented local photographers just to name a few. Need a DJ? Freetail Productions is one of the best DJ’s in the Austin and Dripping Springs area. Next on the list, probably one of the most important ones, is catering. Local companies like Gourmet Gals, Verdes Mexican Parilla, Mopsie, Salt Lick, and so many more are amazing choices. Another awesome trend is renting local food trucks for your big event. Need flowers? Check out The Flower Girl or Revel Wilde Events.

Gosh we could just go on and on, couldn't we? In summary, Dripping Springs, Texas is one of the best places in the United States to celebrate this amazing thing we call life.

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